About us


It was 2001, on a wintery sunny day in Boston. I was on my first trip with other graduate students. Among other things, I have a very vivid memory of a shop on Newbury street. The vibrant colors of the beautiful bags it sold instantly took me to my childhood in India. I was nostalgic, and others were impressed, but none of us could afford those bags. 

Over the years, extensive traveling and exploring different cultures have made me more curious. I wondered how do we connect with diverse cultures globally and locally? 

Cut to 2021. I had an appointment with one of my accent chair buyers, and she asked if we could make a simple bag for her out of the scrap fabric from that chair. Surprisingly the bag turned out pretty good, and we turned every scrap of cloth into a bag, in our workshop. I used those bags for gifting, carrying lunch/books, laptop bags, travel bags, etc. It just fitted everywhere. Eventually, those bags caught the eyes of my friends & family and my children’s friends & teachers.  My nephew, Nikhil, carried one of those bags to Boston University, and he said that his friends found it quite attractive. People began contacting us, especially for those bags.  

 A couple of weeks later, I was holding the first completed order of those bags, and the memory of that shop on Newbury Street was suddenly afresh. Once again, I was nostalgic, but this time it was also a fresh start. 

 After almost two decades, I felt like I had an answer to how we can connect with diverse cultures globally and locally. For us, it is - JAIPUR BAGS! 

 At Jaipur Bags, we’ve put the essence of the true lifestyle- how people live, what they use, and what differentiates them from others.  

 We have adopted an approach that doesn’t only celebrate colors, history, art, cultures, roots, uniqueness, traditions, and sustainability, but also women, artistry, self-reliance, and INDIA. 

 Every bag that we create for our valuable customers is made- 

  • with 100% natural material and upcycled canvases 
  • by a group of ladies who are experts in making artistic fabric.  
  • using in-house using modern cutting and stitching plants, block print, and screen prints   
  • for all the people passionate to buy a bag made of fabric threaded with stories, adorned with colors, perfected by Indian artisans, and packed with a simple message - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (translates to The world is one family).